Goals And Opportunities To Think About

It's never to early for you and your student to begin thinking about his or her 5-year academic plan, and "what am I going to do when I get out of high school". Now is the time for students to begin planning courses for next year(s). Whether your child is in middle school or almost in college, help him or her set goals and look for new learning opportunities. The sooner students begin to accept the rigor of courses they are taking the better prepared he or she will be for college and the workforce. Be sure you analyze your student's grades and test scores. Talk to your child about how hard work and learning will open opportunities for the future. Talk with teachers about how to improve academic weaknesses. Begin talking to your student about careers and college.

I would encourage you to subscribe to the ACT Parent Newsletter as a way of helping you and your student plan for the future. Middle school students can take the ACT. The ACT Parent, is a monthly newsletter designed to help you help your children succeed in middle school and high school as they prepare for college and careers. You can subscribe to the ACT Parent Newsletter at:

Encourage your student to check out the student center at:

Wellness Tips

Is it hard to get your youngster to switch from her favorite-but

not so healthy-cereal? Try mixing it with a more nutritious

variety, half and half, in the same bowl (frosted mini wheat squares

with unfrosted). As she gets used to the new taste, gradually

decrease the portion of the sugary type.

The average child gets less than 15 minutes a day of vigorous physical activity. Help your youngster achieve the recommended 60 minutes every day by keeping track. Hang a calendar on the kitchen wall, and have each person write in the physical activities they did that day (walked the dog, played football).

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